Specification Frameworks and Tools

Do Test-Driven Development
on in-line ASP .NET code
Write code using the same language on
the web client and the web server
Write .NET code in a dynamically
typed language
Use a simple specification framework
you customize for your team
Speed up development by
avoiding the compiling process
Make one of these
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for your site.
Try Test-Driven development
right in your browser with
Test-Driven JavaScript Writer
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for your site.

JSNSpec - (new release as of 11/26/2010) A JavaScript on .Net Specification framework that supports Behavior-Driven Development (BDD).

IronRubyUnit - An IronRuby on Silverlight testing framework that spports Test-Driven Development (TDD).

JSNUnit - A JavaScript on .Net Testing Framework that supports Test-Driven Development.

Learn how to install and use JSNUnit here.

Try it out in your browser first using Test-Driven JavaScript Writer.

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